Monday, November 1, 2010

i'm drowning in you and i like it so much.

mondays are so anticlimatic.
definitely still feeling the weekend.
these photos are from sunday; the aftermath of the last post.
because nothing kills a hangover like a coast trip.
getting pretty sick of brisbane's bipolar weather,
unfortunately the sun didn't stick around for my
first week off so instead of tanning i'm
obviously bombarding you with recent stuff.
on that note, i have been the slackest blogger lately
because uni and my new job have been taking over my life.
have also noticed that i have lots and lots of new
followers despite this so i just want to say a
and i double pinky swear promise
that now i'm on holidays sickofmodels will be
my full time job and full of pretty fun things
for your viewing pleasure x

sunnies are aldo, shorts are minkpink,
bra is universal, top is from a boutique in sydney,
and jewellery's from my recent trip to melbourne.
thanks mum!

1 comment:

  1. i luv australia! i'm planning on going to visit in the winter. have friends from melbourne, but i'm looking to go to sydney. sounds like a fun trip! :)