Wednesday, June 30, 2010

your ride, best trip.

the "fucking tripod".
please note the bodysuit i raved about,
the sneak peek of my amazing tony's,
and the new shade that turned out more red than coral.

this weekend:
a two-storey penthouse,
taming my new haircut,
a bucket of sangria,
sin and tonic,
vanilla vodka,
cake and chuppa chups,
belated birthday celebrations,
club hopping,
a yellow ferrari,
rave juice and glow sticks,
a dj who crowd-surfed to the bar, took a shot,
and then surfed his way back,
best set i've ever heard in a club,
a spontaneous camping trip,
blink 182,
a purple haze,
four peas in a happiness pod,
more dinners than days,
a satay thai pie (who knew such a thing existed),
nimbin, byron bay and the nsw coast,
mountains that touch the sky,
waking up in a different state than i fell asleep in,
the fog,

repressed memories,
foreigners, hippies, wiggas and old flames,
burleigh heads,
and (of all things) dolphins.

and happy birthday to crazy carla
(the babe on the left)
cause i haven't posted since!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

this life is yours.

click to enlarge.

saturdays are anticipation.
a mood board i made this morning and a get to know me quiz
to try and keep the saturday night fever at bay.

name: sarah jane porter.
birthday: 25th of december, 1990.
live: brisbane, born & bred.
big dream: building a life - i'm at that age where you start to
want something more for yourself.
occupation: i study mass media, culture & communications
at uni, and i'm trying to get into retail.
what's next: sydney & the winds of change.
personal style: i need to be banned from buying crochet.
& tiny, ridiculously impractical underwear-come-outerwear.
shoes: my new boots i'm still yet to blog about.
jewellery: i'm the bracelet girl. before that, i was the ring girl.
and before that, i was the earring girl.
hair: mine's shit.
fashion tip: you can't go wrong with black.
beauty secret: dry shampoo; fucking. amazing.
obsessed with: beautiful words.
favourite dress: it's balmain & i definitely don't own it.
favourite city: kuta, bali. so far.
favourite music: trance, it speaks to me.
favourite food: sushi train.
favourite drink: vodka, lime & soda.
favourite book: the virgin suicides.
personal motto: this too shall pass.
style icon: fashion bloggers who are upping the ante.
first thing in the morning: coffee to wake the dead.
i'm useless without it.
last thing before bed: tea and tv.

Friday, June 18, 2010

from where you'd rather be.

that secret spot i was telling you about
at burleigh heads on the gold coast.
it's like sliding off the world.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

when life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila.

it's day 3 of 2 months of holidays and i'm
settling into party mode quite nicely.

highlights so far:
an amazing pair of tony biancos (boots, leather,
buckles, sky-high, bad ass; everything you could ask for in a heel),
a black see-through grungey jumper
much like the ones i've been lusting over all season,
making history and taking home the origin series last night,
booking another getaway to sydney (this time for a week
and with amanda in tow, we leave in 20 days),
and the first day trip of many to our secret spot at burleigh heads.

coming up:
carla's turning the big 2-0 on monday so undoubtedly a week of
festivities will ensue, some of the girls are moving into an amazing
penthouse this week so obviously we have to christen it next
weekend, trips to nimbin, byron bay and the nsw coast before
it gets wayyyy too cold, a few good club
nights in the not-so-distant future
and a lot of general laziness and blogging on my behalf.
got a few projects on the mind too so watch. this. space.

Friday, June 11, 2010

retail therapy.

just when it was all getting too much,
this came into my life.

panelling, mesh, sheer, bodysuits;
everything so good about fashion right now.

this one's sass and bide's love for sale bodysuit;
mine's by reverse (w/ sheer mesh instead of netting).
in. love.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

nostalgic for summer.

parklife 2010 line-up was announced this morning.
and even though i'm devo'd over the location change
(surely parklife should actually be held in a park?)
the 'new direction' line-up's not too shabby
and (thank god) not too indie either.
getting excitedddd for:
groove armada (!), missy elliot (!), uffie, bag raiders
and a lot of awesome dubstep acts. wha-wha-whattt?!
hopefully they live up to the standard kaskade
(best. set. of. my. life) and co. set last year.

to make me feel better about it being so far away
and the fact that i'll be writing my last major essay instead
of hitting up winter sound system this weekend,

here are some of my favourite festival moments.

watching the beetroots kill it from
above the crowd at stereo last year;
tess and i getting our twin on at cheap thrills last year;
killing it in my favourite ever festy outfit at future this year;
and parklife punch, as is tradition every year.