Friday, June 4, 2010

we can't accept what we do not get to choose.

more of my styling, more of my photography, more of my editing,
more of my best friend/roommate/resident model carla.
i guess you could call her my muse.

some of my favourite shots taken at star city,
our favourite place to stay in sydney.
customized denim, chain store lace tee and jewellery from everywhere.


  1. cute shirt, nice photos!
    i really like the editing on them, the color intrigues me, haha

  2. love the old look hey, can't wait to get and try out a better program like photoscapes or something when i can get my hands on it :] x

  3. ahh thoses programs are so nice, but so confusing!

  4. she's gorgeous :)
    love these shots
    loving the blog
    great posts
    stop by some time :) xx