Saturday, June 26, 2010

this life is yours.

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saturdays are anticipation.
a mood board i made this morning and a get to know me quiz
to try and keep the saturday night fever at bay.

name: sarah jane porter.
birthday: 25th of december, 1990.
live: brisbane, born & bred.
big dream: building a life - i'm at that age where you start to
want something more for yourself.
occupation: i study mass media, culture & communications
at uni, and i'm trying to get into retail.
what's next: sydney & the winds of change.
personal style: i need to be banned from buying crochet.
& tiny, ridiculously impractical underwear-come-outerwear.
shoes: my new boots i'm still yet to blog about.
jewellery: i'm the bracelet girl. before that, i was the ring girl.
and before that, i was the earring girl.
hair: mine's shit.
fashion tip: you can't go wrong with black.
beauty secret: dry shampoo; fucking. amazing.
obsessed with: beautiful words.
favourite dress: it's balmain & i definitely don't own it.
favourite city: kuta, bali. so far.
favourite music: trance, it speaks to me.
favourite food: sushi train.
favourite drink: vodka, lime & soda.
favourite book: the virgin suicides.
personal motto: this too shall pass.
style icon: fashion bloggers who are upping the ante.
first thing in the morning: coffee to wake the dead.
i'm useless without it.
last thing before bed: tea and tv.


  1. Enjoyed this babe. May follow it up with a post on my blog :)

  2. Hey, love your blog! I just had a giggle at your "favourite dress" too.

  3. love your blog and this q&a was great to read!