Wednesday, June 9, 2010

nostalgic for summer.

parklife 2010 line-up was announced this morning.
and even though i'm devo'd over the location change
(surely parklife should actually be held in a park?)
the 'new direction' line-up's not too shabby
and (thank god) not too indie either.
getting excitedddd for:
groove armada (!), missy elliot (!), uffie, bag raiders
and a lot of awesome dubstep acts. wha-wha-whattt?!
hopefully they live up to the standard kaskade
(best. set. of. my. life) and co. set last year.

to make me feel better about it being so far away
and the fact that i'll be writing my last major essay instead
of hitting up winter sound system this weekend,

here are some of my favourite festival moments.

watching the beetroots kill it from
above the crowd at stereo last year;
tess and i getting our twin on at cheap thrills last year;
killing it in my favourite ever festy outfit at future this year;
and parklife punch, as is tradition every year.


  1. this looks like a blast!! you chose the perfect festival outfit, esp. the fanny pack♥

  2. This looks like such a fun day!
    And I love that little black top, so cute :)
    Vanilah xx