Wednesday, June 30, 2010

your ride, best trip.

the "fucking tripod".
please note the bodysuit i raved about,
the sneak peek of my amazing tony's,
and the new shade that turned out more red than coral.

this weekend:
a two-storey penthouse,
taming my new haircut,
a bucket of sangria,
sin and tonic,
vanilla vodka,
cake and chuppa chups,
belated birthday celebrations,
club hopping,
a yellow ferrari,
rave juice and glow sticks,
a dj who crowd-surfed to the bar, took a shot,
and then surfed his way back,
best set i've ever heard in a club,
a spontaneous camping trip,
blink 182,
a purple haze,
four peas in a happiness pod,
more dinners than days,
a satay thai pie (who knew such a thing existed),
nimbin, byron bay and the nsw coast,
mountains that touch the sky,
waking up in a different state than i fell asleep in,
the fog,

repressed memories,
foreigners, hippies, wiggas and old flames,
burleigh heads,
and (of all things) dolphins.

and happy birthday to crazy carla
(the babe on the left)
cause i haven't posted since!

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